Artist Interview: DAUL

Introducing some of the most exciting new voices in the Korean music scene 

Korean by SSN / English by Soy Kim

Producer DAUL (formerly known as I II I) is signed to SuperFreak Records, an independent Korean record label founded by veteran R&B artist and producer Jinbo. For two years, DAUL collaborated in SuperFreak Records’ compilation albums and remix packs under the artist name, I II I. Two months ago, he released, “We Ride (I See the Future) (DAUL Remix),” marking his first release under his new artist name. The house production has an upbeat vibe and is enhanced by an addictive drum beat. Using a mid-tempo Mary J. Blige song as the foundation, DAUL built a refined remix with an entirely different atmosphere. 

Recently, DAUL has been participating in SuperFreak Records’ new compilation series, [Hundred x Hundred]. As I II I, he produced smooth and calm music, but did not actively promote as a solo artist. This year, however, DAUL is taking a different approach – he is taking on more opportunities to perform live and interact with his listeners. He is also making a concerted effort to diversify his music experiences. In March, DAUL participated in AOMG artist Hoody’s session band at SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, and more recently, spun as a supporting DJ for producer and DJ Josh Pan in Seoul.  

His name change reflects more than just an evolution in his sound – DAUL is taking strides to transform as an artist. 


Q. Recently, you changed your artist name from ‘I II I’ to ‘DAUL.’ Please tell us the meaning behind your name, and why you decided to change your name.

I initially went by the name, I II I, because I didn’t want people to read my name. However, since then, time has passed and I’ve been inspired by different styles of music, so it felt like the right time to take on a new name to mark this transitional point in my life. DAUL is the name of the person I respect the most.


Q. As I II I you produced music that was groovy and dark. In contrast, the music you’ve created as DAUL is significantly brighter, with a modern twist.

The change in my music style felt very natural. My latest music best captures the moods that I envisioned while producing – like when you’re home alone in the early afternoon on a Sunday, or when you’re out on a walk in those quiet hours past midnight.


Q. Recently, you’ve started working on a project called [Hundred x Hundred] through your label, SuperFreak Records. Please tell us know more about the project.

It’s a collaborative project with artists play8 and Sailli (사일리). We think of [Hundred x Hundred] as an opportunity for us to share our thoughts or moments of inspiration with each other, while we work on our solo albums. I’m especially excited for this project because both play8 and Sailli (사일리) have distinct music styles, and are able to express their ideas very well. 


Q. Recently, producer and DJ Josh Pan performed in Seoul alongside keyboardist PamaJay. Similarly, are you interested not only in producing/DJ-ing, but also in performing live? 

As a producer first, before a DJ, I think it’s very important that my music reaches people as effectively as possible. That’s why I think live performances are important. I’ve got a very long way to go, but I envision my current live performances as the first step towards seeing an orchestra perform my music live one day. I’m taking it step by step.  


Q. Recently, you attended SXSW with artist and producer Hoody. It must have been quite an experience.

Performing on the Mad Decent curated stage was exciting, since I like [the music label] Mad Decent to begin with. It was also a great opportunity to meet people from various parts of this scene – especially people who I wouldn’t normally be able to meet back home in Korea.

Q. Your plans for the year must be as intentional as your name change. We’re curious to know what you hope to accomplish this year.

Simply put, I’d like to share good music with a lot of people. 


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