I got my first taste of curation as the kid who made mix CDs for everyone in middle school.


(Thanks for letting us play some of these CDs during Gym, Coach K!) Here are a few Spotify playlists I’ve made by month or genre. Check out what I’m listening to on Spotify under: @soyskim_

Wavy K Vibes.png

Wavy K-Vibes

Songs that got me on a wave. A mix of Korean cafe jams, hip-hop, r&b, and more. Chill out and unplug. 🇰🇷

Oct 18 Playlist.png

At Night, I • October 2018

'but maybe we can hold off one sec / so we can keep this tension in check'

Sept 18 Playlist.png

The Eternal Lightness of Being • September 2018

‘the map was useless/the captain clueless’