Seoul 2017

Seoul 2017



After getting kicked out of my first ballet class as a child, I trained as a classical cellist throughout my childhood. In college, my curiosity to understand what makes people tick — paired with the desire to help share those narratives — led to a pivot from music performance to storytelling. I built my own minor in Screenwriting and combined the craft with Sociology to back up narratives with research. For my senior thesis, I conducted 87 ethnographic interviews to examine the state of gender inequality in South Korea.

After graduation, I moved to Seoul for the first time, where I worked in South Korea’s music and film industries in distribution, cross-cultural production, and development by day; and soaked in stories from the burgeoning counter culture music movements by night.

Each morning, I wake up with the long-term dream of empowering underrepresented voices, connecting global communities, and building things that bring delight. Recently, I wrapped up my MBA at the Yale School of Management to get one step closer to bringing this vision to life. My dancing skills are still questionable at best, but you will find me concert hopping, drinking too much coffee, developing new creative projects, and occasionally taking a spin on the decks.  

ϟOY•JOURN: Soy + sojourn = I am journey-ing.