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Documentary: B-Free

“How much is freedom?” For artist B-Free, this has been and remains the life-long question. 

By Soy Kim  

Against all odds, B-Free has bounced around between neighborhoods, taking each unexpected turn of his life in stride. Known for his vocal opinions, and beloved by hip-hop heads for his witty, blunt verses and his chill, speaking-rap flow, B-Free strips away the public façade when he sits down to share with us about his life.

Like the Honolulu beach sand that slipped through his fingers, freedom is the one thing that B-Free could never quite grasp – until he began to reconsider the true value of freedom in a new light. In this exclusive mini documentary, B-Free sets the record straight. He tells the highs and lows of his life in a style as blunt as his rap, as he embarks on a new wave.

[THE CUT exclusive] 

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